My Winter Favorites Roses


These are just a few roses that stood out during this mild Winter. Each old rose is special in it’s own way and are all my favorites at one time of the year or another.

Madame Berkeley
A Tea rose introduced in 1899 is my favorite any time of the year. She was the first rose I received from a Texas Rose Rustler. We built a rose bed underneath our Pecan tree, not knowing roses weren’t supposed to grow under Pecan trees. We planted Madame Berkeley and she must have been as ignorant as we were because a few weeks later she started blooming with fragrant salmon pink blooms and has bloomed continuously ever since. She is a big healthy bush with dark green foliage.
Monsieur Tiller
A Tea rose introduced in 1891 is an upright shrub with dark green foliage and very beautiful double blooms described as a mix of pale rose, salmon and purple. Monsieur Tiller is a good beginner’s rose because he is healthy and very easy to grow. He is very t, never without blooms. and could probably be grown as a small climber here. I usually keep him clipped to 5 feet but this Fall we got behind in our pruning, and he quickly grew to 8 feet. My husband, Mayo, put a Cedar support behind him to keep him in our yard. What a show he put on from October until January and still has blooms at the end of January. We also have him in the backyard and he is just as happy back there.
This rose was introduced in 1973 so is not an old rose but is a fine rose nevertheless. It is a climber with large, Hybrid Tea shaped blooms of salmon pink shaded orange and apricot. It is healthy with dark green bushy foliage. The fragrance is outstanding. It blooms continually all year but from October through December it put on a show that produced many gorgeous blooms.
Le Pactole
A Tea that is rarely offered at nurseries. It is famous for it’s creamy yellow 3″ blooms, It is fragrant and blooms repeatedly, Compact and low growing, it is a cross between Lamarque and a yellow Tea. It blooms well even in dry heat and will get about 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide. I kept this rose in a gallon pot for 3 years before planting it in a bed. I almost gave it away several times but something always stopped me. Finally, after seeing that it just kept on blooming in that little pot, I planted it in one of the rose beds and have never been sorry. It is covered with buds and blooms right now and is a lovely little rose. Introduced in 1841.
Fortune’s Five Colored Rose
This is a rare and unusual Rose collected by Robert Fortune in China over 150 yews ago (1840s) It produces blooms of several different color combinations at the same time: red shaded white, pink and red, white with a red stripe and occasionally a red bloom. I was privileged to find a solitary red bloom on my bush in the midst of all the white and shaded ones in December. It is a bushy rose that keeps it’s pretty foliage all year and is always in bloom. It’s about 6 feet tall and needs very little shaping. This Rose is listed in the Antique Rose Emporium catalog as Smith’s Parish.
Climbing Pinikie
Introduced in 1952, it is a climber with a split personality. I planted two of these roses, took a cutting off one and gave the rooted cutting to my Grandson in Dallas. He planted the rose next to a brick pillar on the back porch of his brick house. it was in the hot sun and wind in the Summer and faced the cold wind in the Winter. A few months later this rose was 8 feet tall by 6 feet wide and very bushy. I looked at my plants and they were 4 feet tall by 2 feet wide and not bushy at all. OK, I just figured the conditions in my yard weren’t quite right and let it go at that. About six months later we were sitting upstairs in the house in Dallas and all of a sudden we heard all this squealing and clatter outside the window. I asked my son what all the racket was and he said, “Oh, it’s the squirrels who have built a nest in that pink rose you gave my son. That rose is eating my house and that is what you see growing over my roof and up my windows on the second floor.” My son did grudgingly admit that the rose was very pretty and bloomed a lot when he wasn’t chopping on it. Mayo and I and my son-in-law asked if we could prune his plant while we were up there on Thanksgiving. He said OK so we started cutting. My son kept standing there and with each snip he would say, “Don’t butcher my plant, you’re cutting off too much!” Finally my daughter-in-law said, “Ron, just go back in the house, finish your cooking and don’t even look out the window until they are through.” We pruned his plant away from the walk and put it on a support so it would grow around the windows and let the light in once again. My son came out after we were through and was pleasantly surprised – we hadn’t ruined his rose at all. That rose just loved the place where it had been planted even though it never got fertilized. Please don’t be afraid to plant Pinkie because of my story- it can be controlled. I have never seen another Pinkie that grows like that one in Dallas. The rose has shiny full foliage, is healthy and, of course, easy to grow.
Darlow’s Enigma
It’s ancestry is unknown. It has small, pure white semi-double blooms that open flat to show golden centers. The flowers are produced in clusters on an up-right healthy plant. It has a wonderful fragrance that you can smell from 10 feet away. Even without blooms it would be beautiful but it is hardly ever without blooms. After each cluster of blooms fade, it produces a cluster of small orange rose hips which adds to the attractiveness of the bush. We grow ours as a small climber.
Introduced in 1830 was this rose was named for General Lamarque. It is a Noisette climber with fragrant double white blooms. It is a steady bloomer all year and is in bloom right now, the last week, of January. It is bushy, healthy and easy to grow.
White Pet
introduced in 1879 it is a nice container plant. It is about 2 feet tall by 2 feet wide. It has clusters of small white double blooms. It makes a bushy plant, blooms all year and is fragrant.
Safrano (A sport Isabella Sprunt)
Safrano’s parents are unknown. Introduced in 1839, it has double fawn colored flowers with long pointed buds. The new foliage is plum colored to contrast nicely with the blooms. Isabella Sprunt, introduced in 1855, is a sulphur yellow sport of Safrano. They both grow 4-6 feet tall and are repeat bloomers.
Dublin Bay
This rose, introduced in 1969, bloomed quite well from October through December. It is a dark red, fragrant rose with rich green foliage and usually blooms in clusters. It is one of the finest modern red climbers and blooms all year.
This is a Hybrid Musk that we grow as a climber. In fact, we grow all our Hybrid Musks as climbers. It has t clusters of white flowers and is also growing under the afore-mentioned Pecan tree. It repeats and was introduced in 1919.
Vincent Godsif
A found rose, Vincent Godsif blooms continually all year. He has semi-double 2″ flowers in shades of soft mauve to dusty pink. He is compact and healthy, grows 2-3 feet tall and is also good as a co



The Performance of Twitter and Beyond!

I’m likely to give you some really good inside tricks on how exactly to personalize Twitter for your play and fun! In order to let you know that simply by using a few of the techniques listed below, I now have almost 800 followers on Twitter. In the last 7 days I’ve had approx 250, which is pretty steady just by using a few of the tips in this blog.

Twitter one way or another levels the playing field as we have all just about the same choices to follow when considering to getting a popularity status. The trick is how to adapt and make use of these techniques to increase your profile and win the game. I’m currently on the same journey as many of you and even though writing this am learning the ins and outs associated with Social Networking Platform that is fast becoming the most popular social media tool


Hot Tips for the Tweeple Generation




Easy, download Tweetdeck from tweetdeck.com. The very first thing you will probably notice is the fact that you will need to change the settings because the default is white text on a black screen. Makes it difficult to read I’ve found, but each to their own. Tweetdeck is brilliant in so it displays the Tweetstream, your replies and your direct messages all on the one screen. The message columns allow for 500 tweets as a default, so scrolling down enables you to go back a fair way or look for tweets you might want to refer back into. The screen has a continuous right hand scroll, so you can set up different groups and their tweets will appear in that column. You might have a group called best friends and another for gardeners for instance. That way you don’t miss important tweets from those who are more important to you than the others. During the time of writing, Tweetdeck is the most widely used application for Twitter and I would highly recommend it to you.




Twellow, at twellow.com is another great way of finding people to interact with. People here are categorized into all different areas and you can look for those with similar interests to your very own. The primary page shows you all the categories, which then have sub categories as well. You just click on a category as well as the selection of people in that area are displayed. You do not need to be registered with Twellow to be displayed, but at the time of writing there were nearly two million people showing regarding the site, so you can expect to have plenty to choose from. By all means though, register yourself and set up a profile so others can find you.


When you click on a category, Twellow displays a summary of people in that category and they are ordered by the wide range of followers they have. If you’re already logged into Twitter through the web, (not Tweetdeck), it’s possible to adhere to people directly from the screens where the profiles are displayed.


Mr Tweet


Mr Tweet at mrtweet.net is another way of gaining new followers. All you have to do is follow Mr Tweet on Twitter and your tweets is supposed to be monitored for content and you will get a Direct Message from him. You then go to your site and login and you will get a list of suggested people. Additionally, you will get a summary of people who are following you which you aren’t following so you can then follow them if you choose. It’s a really nifty little site and worth registering at.




Grader is on Twitter as @grader, but also online at twitter.grader.com/ and is a website of some interest. As you get going on Twitter, you can get ranked by Grader on a score out of 100. It is based on some secret algorithm apparently so people can’t game the system. Apart from that aspect of Grader, you can have a look at who the top Tweeple have been in a specific area or even by topic making use of the search function.


When you use the search function, it’s going to list the Tweeple by their score in descending order. For instance, if you look for ‘gardening’ on Grader, you will get a summary of all the top 100 people interested in gardening on Twitter. You can see their bio from their Twitter account and in case you click on their Grader score, it will take you to definitely their Twitter account from where you can follow them. Naturally, you must already be logged in to Twitter yourself to follow anyone.


Twitter Backgrounds


Now if you’re a bit of a Photoshop whiz, then chances are you can do your very own background, full of bells and whistles and load it up to your Twitter profile. But if you’re not, or perhaps you just want to save time, then there are several sites available to you that will do them for you automatically. To find these websites, the greatest thing to do is to simply Google ‘twitter backgrounds and you will find quite a few sites offering this service for free. My personal favourite is Twitbacs at twitbacks.com where you can get some great backgrounds. However, that said, if you would like do your very own fiddling in Photoshop, you can get some great layouts in PSD format from twitterbacks.com




SocialToo at socialtoo.com is a useful automated tool for Twitter. At Social Too, you can set your account up to do a little autopilot things for you. First of all of the, you can set SocialToo up to automatically follow everyone who follows you. This could take the drudgery out of checking all your new followers and then going and adding them to your very own list to be able to reciprocate.


You may want to set up SocialToo to send an automatic Direct Message to people who follow you. Be cautious about this as there is a bit of a backlash which largely been caused because many newbies and some old hands too, are setting up an auto Direct Message that basically said, Hello, and thanks for following me. Now go and visit my sales page at [http://.....]. I’m sure you will get the image.


I can’t think of any worse way to start a relationship with a new follower on Twitter. In any type of business, you build relationships just before try and sell someone something and this is even more relevant into the social networking space. Just be sensible in your dealings with people and treat them the way you like to be treated! SocialToo will also provide you with an email every day of all your new followers and those which have unfollowed you as well.


Another function of SocialToo is the fact that it will automatically unfollow anybody who unfollows you. Personally I do not think this is a bad thing. If people aren’t interested in you any longer, then are you actually interested in them? If you really want to keep the updates from someone, just go and follow them back when the truth is their name on your unfollows email each day.




Tweetlater at tweetlater.com is a fantastic tool to utilize with Twitter. It enables you to schedule tweets for various times associated with the day. So how can this be of used to you? Well you will need to remember that the Twitter audience is constantly changing additionally the tweetstream occurs quite fast. The greater amount of people someone follows, the greater the wide range of tweets appearing in addition they won’t read all of them, I promise you. It simply isn’t possible. By using Tweetlater, you’ve got a much greater chance of catching people’s attention throughout the day plus in different time zones.


Let’s say you have written a post on your own blog and you want to drive some traffic there. Rather than tweeting the link and subject once, you can do it every hour for 24 hours if you love using Tweetlater. I’m sure you can see the power of this in regards to driving traffic or getting noticed. There is a free and a professional form of Tweetlater. Start out because of the free version and then if you need it, upgrade to the professional version if you are ready.




Twitterfeed at twitterfeed.com is also a very handy tool. It is far more secure to log into than the other sites I have mentioned as it uses Open ID which is a bit of a pain. However, it is worth persisting with in the absence of an alternative tool.


What Twitterfeed does is that you can set up your blog to feed directly via RSS to your Twitter account. So every time you make a blog post, it gets tweeted automatically on your own behalf. You can make use of this in conjunction with Tweetlater because of the first post coming through Twitterfeed and then subsequent ones at times you specify via Tweetlater.




SplitTweet at splitweet.com is a great tool if you have a wide range of accounts on Twitter. Rather than switching between them from time for you time in order to Tweet, you can set an account up here 100% free and bring all of your accounts under the one roof. Splitweet will display the Twitter feed from all your accounts at once, or you can turn individual accounts off and on. When actually tweeting, you can pick a free account to tweet to, or you can do a broadcast message across all your accounts at once. Some very flash technology this and very useful for handling multiple accounts.




Twitdom at twitdom.com would have to be the greatest site relating to Twitter. It is a repository for all Twitter related applications and it is just absolutely amazing what there is in there. During the time of writing, Twitdom had nearly 500 Twitter related applications in its database. Quite amazing when you might think about it that there happens to be a lot of 3rd party applications written and is a pretty powerful indication as to your value of Twitter. It also indicates the confidence of this market in that Twitter will become very much the mainstream.




swenzy offer the best competitively priced Real Twitter Followers packages in the industry.

swenzy have hundreds of satisfied customers that have increased their followers with theirs services.




Friendfeed at friendfeed.com is an automating tool you can use in conjunction with Twitter. Friendfeed is a bit of a hub if you like where you can set up links to all your other accounts. Friendfeed collects information from those accounts and publishes it in your Friendfeed feed.


Although Friendfeed is a topic almost in itself, I mention it here particularly because of its capability to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts among others. If you have a Facebook account and you link it and your Twitter accounts in Friendfeed, then what will happen is the fact that all your posts in Twitter is going to be posted on your wall at Facebook. It means you are running two social networking accounts via one and saves you time.


You’re Twitter Karma


Your Twitter Karma at dossy.org/twitter/karma/ is a really useful site for having a look at your followers and who you are following. It’s great for managing your account from a followers/following perspective. Unfortunately it does not appear to load a fair few times and that can be unreliable, but with regards to is working it’s great. It shows you all you all of the people you are following and all those which are following you. Underneath each avatar it lets you know if you are following them and if they are following you.


You’ll be able to sort by people you are following who aren’t following you back. This is great for management as you’re able to decide whether or otherwise not to unfollow them. By checking the boxes, you can do a bulk unfollow of a heap of people at once as opposed to going to every individual Twitter account and clicking on unfollow. You can also list those that might simply be following you and decide if you would like follow them back. Again, this can be done in a bulk manner.


Social networking is definitely a fun and intoxicating adventure for me, and I’m likely to be diverting my attention to my next project, which will be Internet Marketing / Social Entrepreneurism! Say that in one breathe! Well, what I’m planning to do is to launch my website, with a few freebies and a paid product – that’s the world wide web Marketing bit. When you buy my product I will donate a percentage associated with revenue to charity – that’s the Social Enterprise bit! At the moment, I am looking around at which charity I should make use of, preferably a small charity that needs a lot of help – so wish me luck!



Your First Java Program

Hello again! Now that you’ve downloaded and installed a Java coding environment (although not necessarily what I recommended, but note that I will be writing all articles with those tools in mind only), it’s time to write our first program! And, breaking with tradition, we will not do the “Hello World” program. I mean, really, who wants to say hello to the entire world, when it would be so much more fun to do this:

(Note: When you enter the code, make sure that you do not type the line numbers! They’re only there for reference!)

1 public class PinkyAndTheBrain1 {
3 //Constructor
4 PinkyAndTheBrain1() {
5 System.out.println(“Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”);
6 }
8 /* This function makes the program run from the command prompt.
9 Slash-star commenting works over multiple lines. */
10 public static void main(String[] args) {
11 new PinkyAndTheBrain1();
12 }
13 }

That’s it!
Now, here’s the fun part: compiling and running your code. In a command window (for either DOS or Unix), type:

javac PinkyAndTheBrain1.java

If you don’t see any error messages, then very good. Otherwise, go back, and check to make sure there are no typing errors or other such things. Remember, these are far too common to the process of programming, so get used to the debugging now. As a programmer, it’s 10% coding, 95% debugging. (Yes, that does add up to 105%. It’s the other bane of the coder: no matter how hard you work, more will always be expected. 105% is conservative.) But I digress.

And now, to run your first masterpiece:

java PinkyAndTheBrain1

And you should see the message:

Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

on the next lines of the output. If this is what you got, you’ve done it! Otherwise, as above, just go back and check things to make sure you’ve got it right.

(Quick note: PFE has a nice feature for programming. It allows you to run things to a command prompt, without ever having to open one. It also captures all the output to the window, so that way, if there is more than one screen’s worth of output, it can all still be read after the program is done. Look under the execute menu for these features.)

Now, what did we do here? Let’s take this line by line.

1: public class PinkyAndTheBrain1 {

What’s public? What’s a class? For now, I’ll only give the short answer, since this is a very complex topic. Much more will be done with these later. A class is a container for both data and functions. It’s a way to “encapsulate”, or contain, a program or structure. Oftentimes, many classes are used to make up a whole program, dealing with the different functions the program may need to provide. In Java, *everything* is taken from a class, except for a few special things, which we’ll talk about more in the next couple of articles. “Public” means that this class is accessible to every other class, so that anyone can call it (including when you run it, like you did from the command line). PinkyAndTheBrain1 is the name that we choose to call the class by. So, if someone else wanted to use our class, when they created something using our class, they would have to use the phrase “PinkyAndTheBrain1″ as part of the creation process. The squiggly brace ({) tells us that we are opening something, adding an extra level of depth. So that means that something must be going on inside this “public class”. Let’s take a look.


No, there’s not anything on this line. But I am illustrating a point about programming. White space is critical! You will find very quickly that, even for small programs, not adding some blank lines in makes it that much harder to find any piece of information. So, save yourselves some headaches now, and learn how to judiciously use spacing.

3: //Constructor

This line does not do anything, in the computer. However, this line is one of the most important lines any program can ever have. This is a comment. The comment is the way that a programmer can come back to their code six months later and say, “That’s right, I remember what this does!”. There are two ways to mark comments. The first is by putting two forward slashes in front of something. This says that anything up to the end of this line is to be ignored. The second way can be seen in lines 8-9. The /* is the opening of the comment. From here, everything is ignored until a */ is found (at the end of line 9, in our example). Then the compiler will continue reading. This means that there is a very easy way to make comments partial, one, or multiple lines long, to make it easier to find and understand your own code, and for others to be able to read it as well (a crucial issue in most fields of programming). As a teaser, in a future article I will talk about a way that we can use these comments to actually build an entire documentation package for a person using the code you’ve written, *without* having to do anything other than putting “special markers” on your comments!

4: PinkyAndTheBrain1() {

This is a constructor for your class. Constructors are special breeds of functions, and act slightly differently than other functions do. We’ll talk more about this in a future article. (It will be in the article on classes, for those of you who are curious.)

5: System.out.println(“Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”);

Here is the meat of what our program is doing. System is a class that contains many of the basic functions in Java. out signifies that we are sending this information to our console, or the text screen in which we ran our program from (in browsers, a special console can be opened for this same purpose, if needed). println is a function that outputs a single line of text, as well as a carriage return to move the cursor to the next line. Since this is a function, it has parameters surrounded by parentheses. The only parameter that we passed in is the string “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?” (strings are denoted by quotation marks).

6: }

Opening and closing braces is where many errors occur, as well as annoying debugging issues. Always keep track of these! One good way to do so is to make sure you indent properly. Another good thing to do is check style guides for common conventions in things like where to place your braces, how much to indent by, and so forth. In some cases, my style may be slightly different than the norm, but it is consistent. Notice that I only use two spaces for indenting, rather than four (or occasionally three), and where I place my braces.

10: public static void main(String[] args) {

This is the function that allows you to run a Java program from the command line (as a program, not as an applet through a browser; browsers have different calls). public means that anyone can access this function. static, we’ll discuss at a later time, just understand that it is necessary for this function. void is the return type of the function. Returning void is equivalent to returning nothing. String[] args, the parameter of this function, are all the command-line arguments you pass to the program. Later on, we’ll learn how to use these arguments to do different things in the program, like specify a file to load.

11: new PinkyAndTheBrain1();

This is how you create a new object of some type, by using the new keyword. The object we are creating is something of type PinkyAndTheBrain1, which is the name of the class we wrote. When you create a new object using this keyword, it calls the constructor (which we wrote above).

There you go! You now have a basic understanding of the magical world of Java! Next time, we’ll take a look at variables in Java. Until then, recite these words: Est Codeth Oth Mithas (My Programming is My Life)!

(For those of you who may not get the reference, it’s a slightly corrupted version of the code of the Solamnic Knights of Krynn (Dragonlance series, by Margaret Weiss and Terry Hickman): “Est Sularus Oth Mithas” (My Honor is My Life). These are among my favorite fantasy books. So go read!)


Determining Popping Keyword Phrases for Twitter

There are definitely two schools of thought when it comes to the impact the Twitter has on a person’s business success. One thing that is definite is the fact that effectiveness for the keywords are critical to your success on Twitter, whether you like it or otherwise not. Advertising on Twitter can be very effective That is the main reason, why internet marketers want to buy twitter followers in bulk and cheap prices.

Keyword targeting is crucial
It is generally understood that keywords in social media are vital to your business’s success. In the past, targeting keywords was not available to your general public. It was available to marketers and advertisers who paid for promotion space that was available when people performed a search. Things have advanced tremendously since then when considering to targeted keywords on all of the social networking channels, including Twitter. Now, the keywords can be targeted on a typical timeline or schedule. This gives you more control over the timing and over choosing the keywords themselves. Using this new approach, it is much simpler for you to be creative and also to really tap into the interactivity aspect of the social media marketing strategy. The approach also helps one to hone your social networking marketing strategy and you don’t have to fear that your particular user (regarding the other end) will likely be affected in any way. They will not know the difference.

In your make use of Twitter as part of your social networking marketing strategy, you should consider Twitter Ads and part of the overall approach and if you do result in the decision to go in that direction, you will need to do a little serious Twitter keyword targeting.

Twitter keywords get the tweets promoted: By using the Twitter timeline keyword targeting tool, your content will likely be noticed based on your topics. Tweets that are promoted on Twitter go a lot further than tweets which are not promoted. They reach many more people plus they are often retweeted over and over again. They also connect using the timeline that you have in mind for your content. It is straightforward for your to customize your keywords to suit your purposes. It’s also very easy to use many keywords in your social networking marketing strategy with this approach. Remember that once you have chosen your keywords, you can include valuable information that will get your target audience to interact with you more readily.

Twitter keywords give you more creative license: This approach gives you the capacity to be more creative than you would have been able to be with a unique strategy. In fact, it will make opportunities available to your brand and your business that you might have not had previously. Keyword targeting may help you to engage with your target audience and deepen your interactions with them a tremendous amount.

Nothing changes in the user’s side of things: By using targeted keywords on a timeline, your users will not see any changes in what you have done. Your users will be able in order to make all of the same decisions that they’ve been able to help make all along. If anything, your users will receive an enhanced experience from what they were experiencing before.
Twitter keywords on a timeline is an extremely valuable tool. It gives you an option to take control of your Twitter keywords and to get a handle on your users to enable you to enhance the relationship which you share with them and start to interact in a more meaningful, productive manner. As a company person who is using the Twitter advertising feature, your can expand your approach tremendously with this approach. You will definitely have the potential to reach your users based on the recent searches that they have performed and thus you will definitely have a more focused understanding of what they want and need.